Fenugreek – recipe ingredient

Fenugreek (lat. Fengureek) is an annual herbaceous plant in the legume family, grows up to 60 cm. The eastern part of the Mediterranean and Asia Minor are considered to be the birthplace of fengucrek. At the moment, fenugreek is cultivated in France, Egypt, Morocco, Argentina, Tunisia, Ethiopia. Fenugreek contains essential oil, proteins, phosphorus, tannin, and iron. In the form of spices, fenugreek is used in all countries of the world. Fenugreek or fengurek is added to vegetable dishes, bakery products. Fenugreek is very widespread in Armenia, where it is known as the “chaman”. Fenugreek goes well with other spices and therefore a number of mixtures are included in the recipes, such as curry, adjika, suneli hops. Add fenugreek to coffee, chutney, rum. Since ancient times, fenugreek or fengurek has been used as a remedy for baldness, to facilitate childbirth, against stomach cramps. Fenugreek lowers blood sugar.

Recipes that use fenugreek