Appetizer recipes

The appetizers section contains a variety of appetizer recipes, which are customary to prepare in different countries, popular and well-known appetizer recipes, such as Kyiv herring and British mink toad, Scottish eggs and Ukrainian lard with garlic, as well as lesser-known but equally tasty snacks.

Turkey jerky – recipe with photo, snacks

Turkey jerky

Potato fingers – recipe with photo, Ukrainian cuisine

Potato fingers

Vorschmack – recipe with photo, Jewish cuisine


Scotch eggs – recipe with photo, British cuisine

Scotch eggs

Semolina caviar - recipe with photo, Moldovan cuisine

Semolina caviar

Fried fish trifle sakana no namban-zuke – recipe with photo, Japanese cuisine

Sakana no namban-zuke - fried fish trifle

Champignons stuffed with vegetables and eggs – recipe with photo, snacks

Champignons stuffed with vegetables and eggs

Beijing pork and vegetable dumplings (Shui Jiao) – recipe with photo, Chinese cuisine

Beijing Pork and Vegetable Dumplings (Shui Jiao)

Zucchini and apple pancake – recipe with photo, snacks

Zucchini and apple pancake

Liver paste – recipe with photo, Italian cuisine

Liver Paste

Camembert appetizer (Obazda) – recipe with photo, German cuisine

Camembert Appetizer (Obazda)

Grilled corn – recipe with photo, German cuisine

Grilled Corn