Sandwich recipes

The sandwiches section contains a variety of sandwiches according to recipes of different national cuisines of the world, there are recipes for dishes such as American hamburger, English sandwich, Italian bruschetta, Turkish balyk-ekmek, and other sandwich recipes.

Chili hot dog – recipe with photo, Gordon Ramsay

Chili hot dog

Buns with salmon and cream cheese – recipe with photo, German cuisine

Buns with Salmon and Cream Cheese

Sandwiches with red fish and arugula – recipe with photo, Irish cuisine

Sandwiches with Red Fish and Arugula

Tomato basil bruschetta – recipe with photo, Italian cuisine

Tomato Basil Bruschetta

Cucumber sandwiches – recipe with photo, English cuisine

Cucumber Sandwiches

Fried tomatoes on crispy toast – recipe with photo, Italian cuisine

Fried Tomatoes on Crispy Toast

Smakovnik – recipe with photo, russian cuisine