Viburnum Seed Coffee

Viburnum Seed Coffee – recipe with photo, Russian cuisine
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Cooking time: 40 minutes

Difficulty: Medium recipe

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Russian food

Viburnum Seed Coffee – a recipe for Russian cuisine, a long-forgotten recipe, which is a pity. In viburnum and in its seeds are a lot of useful substances. After the viburnum has been boiled and rubbed through a sieve, seeds remain, which we often throw away. Do not rush to throw away viburnum seeds - you can make a drink from them, as it was called earlier, viburnum coffee.

Viburnum Seed Coffee Ingredients

Viburnum Seed Coffee Recipe

viburnum seeds

For the coffee from viburnum seeds recipe, leftovers from the processing of viburnum berries are used. Rinse viburnum seeds well, air dry, and then transfer to a baking sheet and fry until brown at 200 degrees.

Roasted viburnum seeds

Grind the roasted seeds in a coffee grinder and use as a coffee substitute.

Ground viburnum seeds

viburnum coffee can be brewed in any way convenient for you.

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