Swedish Midsummer Strawberry Cake

Swedish Midsummer Strawberry Cake – recipe with photo, swedish cuisine
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Cooking time: 1 h 30 minutes

Difficulty: Medium recipe

Recipe yield: 1 kg

Swedish food

Swedish Midsummer Strawberry Cake – Swedish cuisine recipe, everything is very simple - biscuit, cream and fresh strawberries. Such a cake in Sweden is prepared for the strawberry festival. The recipe is designed for a mold with a diameter of 20 cm. The biscuit is tall and airy, a delicate jelly-like mousse and a light cream of cream.

Swedish Midsummer Strawberry Cake Ingredients

Swedish Midsummer Strawberry Cake Recipe

Whipped squirrels

For the Swedish Midsummer Strawberry Cake recipe, separate the yolks from the whites. Beat egg whites until stiff, gradually adding vanilla and sugar. When the proteins are whipped, also gradually introduce the yolks, without ceasing to beat.

Mixing flour into biscuit dough

After adding the sifted flour, mix the dough with a wooden spatula until smooth.

Biscuit dough in the form

Cover the baking dish with paper, grease the sides of the form with butter. Put the prepared dough into the form and place in the oven preheated to 180 degrees.

Biscuit cake

Bake the biscuit for 40 minutes. Cool the finished biscuit, remove from the mold and cut in half lengthwise.

Strawberries in a blender

To prepare the Swedish strawberry cake cream, soak the gelatine in 50 ml of cold water and let stand for 10 minutes. Then put the gelatin on a slow fire and, stirring occasionally, heat until the gelatin is completely dissolved. Sort strawberries, wash, and then chop in a blender.

Strawberry Cream Cake

Whip the cold cream until it doubles in size. Gradually add powdered sugar and milk powder to the cream. Mix crushed strawberries with half the whipped cream and gelatin. Set aside the cream for a few minutes so that it gels slightly, stirring it periodically so that it does not completely turn into jelly.

Preparing the bottom layer of the cake

On the bottom cake, make sides of the left white cream, squeezing it out with a syringe in a circle. Pour half of the strawberry cream into the center of the cake and spread evenly.

Cake rim decoration

Top with the top cake and also make a side of white cream. Next, decorate the sides of the cake with white cream.

Cake filled with strawberry jelly

Pour the strawberry cream into the middle, smooth and place the Swedish strawberry cake in the cold to completely set the jelly. The sides are made so that the strawberry cream, which is not completely frozen, does not flow out.

Cake decorated with strawberries

The strawberry cream hardens for a long time, so it is better to cook the cake in the evening. If you add more gelatin, then after hardening the cream may be slightly rubbery and therefore not tasty. When the cream has completely hardened, decorate the cake with strawberries and you can serve it to the table.

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