Soviet Olivier Salad

Soviet Olivier salad – recipe with photos, Soviet cuisine
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Cooking time: 1 h

Difficulty: Simple recipe

Recipe yield: 1.5 kg

Olivier salad – a soviet recipe, this is probably the most popular salad that was then prepared for the New Year. This is not the Olivier salad that is known all over the world, but it is very tasty. Initially, instead of sausage, olivier salad used boiled beef or veal, so the taste of the salad becomes more saturated, and the broth after boiling can be used after. Also, some housewives add boiled carrots to the salad, but this is optional. Usually, canned green peas were added to the salad, but this is only because in the days of the Soviet Union it was very difficult to get frozen green peas, one might not even say that. Nowadays it is very easy, you can even freeze green peas yourself. With fresh green peas, Olivier salad turns out to be much tastier, acquires freshness and a more pleasant appearance.

Olivier salad ingredients

Olivier salad recipe

Sausage cutting for salad Olivier

To prepare a Soviet cuisine recipe Olivier salad the main thing is that all the ingredients are cut into approximately the same size. You can use beef in the salad – then you need to boil it first, and then chop it, but it is easier to use boiled sausage. Peel the sausage and cut into a small cube – the smaller the cubes, the more uniform the taste will be in the salad.

Sliced boiled eggs for Olivier salad

Pour the eggs with cold water so that it only covers them, and put on medium heat. When the water boils, boil the eggs for 8-10 minutes, and then pour cold water. The eggs must be hard boiled. Peel the boiled eggs and chop finely.

Sliced boiled potatoes for Olivier salad

Potatoes for Olivier salad are best chosen not crumbly, purple potatoes are good. Loose white potatoes can be easily boiled and, accordingly, it will not be possible to beautifully cut into cubes. Wash the potatoes, add water and boil them in a peel until cooked. After allowing the potatoes to cool, peel and cut them into small cubes as well as sausages.

Preparation of greens for Olivier salad

You can take any greens for Olivier salad, before chopped onions were added instead of greens, now you can replace onions with green. You can also use parsley, dill, cilantro, and even, if you want, green basil. Instead of fresh greens, you can add frozen greens to Olivier salad, but first you need it to melt. From frozen greens, the taste of the salad will not deteriorate.

Preparing salted cucumbers for Olivier salad

Cucumbers for Olivier salad can be taken salted or pickled, and then adjust the salad with salt. In pickles there is one nuisance – they have a lot of liquid, even during cutting, it flows out, and this is not very pleasant. So that the cucumber pickle does not spoil the taste of the salad, they must be squeezed out of excess fluid after cutting. Salad cucumbers need to be cut in the same way as potatoes and sausage – in a small cube.

Combining all the ingredients for Olivier

Well, all the ingredients are prepared, beautifully cut, now you need to add green peas to them. You can cook Olivier salad classically using canned green peas, but fresh-frozen peas will add a lot more flavor, aroma and rich summer green Olivier salad. Fresh peas are denser, but frozen peas, after thawing, become soft from the inside, while keeping their shape well, and again, it is fresh and contains vitamins that are very necessary in winter. Mix all the prepared foods, salt, pepper, add mayonnaise and put the Olivier salad in the refrigerator at least not for a long time, so that all the ingredients combine in one taste, and then serve.

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