Soup with Crab Sticks (Osumashi)

Soup with Crab Sticks (Osumashi) – recipe with photo, japanese cuisine
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Cooking time: 40 minutes

Difficulty: Medium recipe

Recipe yield: 300 ml

Japanese food

Soup with Crab Sticks (Osumashi) – a Japanese cuisine recipe, this soup is often served with sushi. Mitsuba is somewhat similar to parsley. You can also use chives to tie crab sticks.

Soup with Crab Sticks (Osumashi) Ingredients

Soup with Crab Sticks (Osumashi) Recipe


For the osumashi recipe, scald the parsley with boiling water and roll it into a ring so that you can then pass the crab stick through. On both sides of the crab stick, make notches and gently ruffle, giving the appearance of brushes. Pass the crab stick through the ring of parsley or chives and tighten slightly, but not too much, otherwise it will tear.


Put one crab stick into the soup bowl, bring the dashi broth to a boil, add soy sauce, salt if necessary, mix and pour into cups with sticks. Osumasi crab stick soup is often served with sushi.

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