Smoothie with Banana and Strawberry

Smoothie with Banana and Strawberry – recipe with photo, american cuisine
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Cooking time: 20 minutes

Difficulty: Simple recipe

Recipe yield: 1 l

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Smoothie with Banana and Strawberry – an American cuisine recipe, smoothies were first made in the 1930s, and now this fruit-infused milkshake has become even more popular. Smoothies are used in various diets and are prepared not only with fruits, but also with vegetables and herbs. Smoothies are prepared with milk, whey or buttermilk. Also, for smoothies, you can use kefir or even fermented baked milk, in general, everything to your taste.

Smoothie with Banana and Strawberry Ingredients

Smoothie with Banana and Strawberry Recipe

Banana and strawberry smoothie

For the American Cuisine Smoothie Banana Strawberry recipe, cut the banana into small pieces. Sort the strawberries, remove the green tails and wash well.

Banana and Strawberry Smoothie

Pour milk into a blender, add berries and beat. The amount of time to whip varies, if you want a smoothie with large chunks, it will take 1 minute. If you want a smoother smoothie, beat longer. Pour two ice cubes into a glass or an ordinary glass, pour in banana and strawberry smoothie, garnish with chopped strawberries and serve immediately.

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