Semolina dessert with chocolate

Semolina dessert with chocolate – recipe with photo, Turkish cuisine
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Cooking time: 1 h

Difficulty: Medium recipe

Recipe yield: 8-10 servings

Turkish food

Semolina dessert with chocolate – recipe for cooking Turkish cuisine, no one will ever guess that the main ingredient in the dessert is semolina.

Semolina dessert with chocolate ingredients

Semolina dessert with chocolate recipe

Boiled condensed milk

For a Turkish cuisine recipe for semolina dessert with chocolate, you first need to boil condensed milk. Without opening the jar, place it in a saucepan, fill it with water and put it on fire. Boil condensed milk for 2 hours, but not more, and make sure that the water is always higher than the can.

Semolina with boiled condensed milk

Combine boiled condensed milk with milk and put on fire. Bring the mixture to a boil, season with salt and stir, add semolina and butter. It is best to stir with a whisk, so all the lumps from the semolina will break. It is necessary to cook the porridge until it thickens.

The first layer of cookies in the cake

To mold the dessert, use a mold with a volume of approximately 1.3-1.5 liters. Cover the form with foil and grease with oil. Transfer 3/4 of the porridge into the prepared form, after a layer of cookies.

The second layer of cookies in the cake

Then put the remaining porridge, smooth, cover with a layer of cookies and leave for 2-3 hours to harden.

Chocolate icing for cake

For glaze, add sugar, starch to milk and put on fire. When the sugar has dissolved, add the broken chocolate and continue cooking, stirring occasionally, until smooth.

Dessert with biscuits and semolina

Gently turn the frozen dessert onto a dish and pour over the prepared icing. If the glaze is thick, it is easier to apply with a spatula or brush. Place semolina dessert in the refrigerator for 10 minutes to set the icing. Cut the finished dessert into portions and serve.

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