Pork Cutlet (Tonkatsu)

Pork Cutlet (Tonkatsu) – recipe with photo, japanese cuisine
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Cooking time: 1 h

Difficulty: Medium recipe

Recipe yield: 4 serving

Japanese food

Pork Cutlet (Tonkatsu) – Japanese recipe, this patty is used in a number of dishes, served with fresh white cabbage and rice.

Pork Cutlet (Tonkatsu) Ingredients

Pork Cutlet (Tonkatsu) Recipe

dredge pork chops in flour Preparing Pork for Tonkatsu Cutlets

For the Japanese recipe Tonkatsu Pork Cutlet, lightly beat the pork chop on both sides.

Pork in flour

Then dredge the chops in flour.

Pork in egg

Mix eggs with a little cold water. Dip the chops on all sides in the egg.

Pork in breadcrumbs

And the last stage of crackers, dredge chops in them. Heat the vegetable oil in a frying pan and fry the pork cutlet on it on both sides. Transfer the fried cutlet to a wire rack and allow excess fat to drain. Cut the finished patty into strips about 3 cm wide. Put cutlet, finely chopped white cabbage and rice on the prepared plate. Top the cutlet with the Tonkatsu sauce and serve.

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