Peaches in Red Wine Jelly

Peaches in red wine jelly – recipe with photo, Italian cuisine
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Cooking time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Simple recipe

Recipe yield: 4 servings

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Peaches in red wine jelly – an Italian cuisine recipe, wonderful summer dessert, very good in hot weather. You can take the wine that you like best, because after you eat it in the form of jelly. For a more interesting taste, you can combine peaches in half with nectarine. For sourness, you can use lime or lemon, after processing the zest can be finely chopped and decorated with a peach dessert.

Peaches in red wine jelly ingredients

Peaches in red wine jelly recipe

Removing pits from peaches

To cook an Italian cuisine recipe peaches in red wine jelly, wash the peaches, dry them, run a knife along the furrow to the very bone, and then separate the bone from the pulp. Cut the flesh of the peaches into small cubes, approximately 1x1 cm.

Placing peaches in glasses and molds

Distribute the prepared chopped peaches evenly in the glasses in which the dessert will be served, and put everything in the refrigerator. In the meantime, you can start making jelly from wine.

Wine jelly ingredients

Dissolve the gelatin in a little cold water and let it swell. Combine the wine with sugar, a tablespoon of lime juice and lime zest. Mix everything and put on medium heat.

Making red wine jelly

When the sugar is completely dissolved, remove the lime zest and add the gelatin. Stir well the gelatin with the wine, heat for a few seconds so that the gelatin dissolves well and completely, and remove from heat.

Cooling red wine jelly with peaches

Pour peaches with cooled jelly and refrigerate for at least an hour. After the time has passed, when the red wine jelly has completely solidified into peaches, decorate the dessert with mint leaves and serve.

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