Pancakes with Cabbage

Pancakes with Cabbage – recipe with photo, russian cuisine
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Cooking time: 2 h

Difficulty: Medium recipe

Recipe yield: 20-30 pcs

Russian food

Pancakes with сabbage – a Russian cuisine recipe, cabbage can be stewed not only fresh, you can use sauerkraut. You can also stew sauerkraut with fresh. A very good snack to the Pancake week table.

Pancakes with сabbage ingredients

Pancakes with сabbage recipe

Pancake dough

To cook a Russian cuisine recipe pancakes with cabbage, dilute the yeast in warm milk, add salt, sugar and sifted flour. Mix well and put in heat for 1 hour.

Preparing vegetables for the filling

For the filling, finely chop the cabbage, sprinkle with salt and mash well. Peel the carrots, grate, finely chop the onion.

Stewed cabbage for stuffing

Put the cabbage in a roasting pan and put on medium heat, covering it with a lid. Heat vegetable oil in a pan and fry the onions and carrots on it. When the juice from the cabbage evaporates, mix, add the fried onions and carrots. Pepper, add bay leaf, mix and simmer for some time until cooked, but without the lid.

Eggs in pancake dough

While the cabbage is being stewed, you can return to the test. Add eggs and vegetable oil, mix and set aside for another 30 minutes.

Milk pancakes

When the dough comes up, bake thin pancakes from it.

Pancakes with cabbage

Wrap the finished stuffing in pancakes and serve. If pancakes with cabbage were cooked in advance, you can fry them in butter and serve.

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