Orange Salad with Onions

Orange Salad with Onions – recipe with photo, Moroccan cuisine
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Cooking time: 20 minutes

Difficulty: Medium recipe

Recipe yield: 4 serving

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Orange Salad with Onions – Moroccan cuisine recipe. You probably think it's not tasty? How tasty too! And if you sprinkle everything with ground black pepper, then the taste of the salad will become even more interesting.

Orange Salad with Onions Ingredients

Orange Salad with Onions Recipe


For the recipe for orange salad with onions, oranges must be peeled, while removing not only the peel, but also the white film. Slice the oranges into rings and arrange on a plate.


Peel the onion and also cut into rings. Lay the onion rings on top of the oranges. Sprinkle everything with chopped parsley.


After cutting oranges, juice remains, it must be mixed with oil, salt and pepper - this is a dressing. Before serving, sprinkle the orange salad with grated walnuts and pour over the prepared dressing.

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