Hot Banana Cocktail

Hot Banana Cocktail – recipe with photo, Mexican cuisine
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Cooking time: 40 minutes

Difficulty: Medium recipe

Recipe yield: 6-8 servings

Mexican Food Recipes

Hot Banana Cocktail – a recipe for Mexican cuisine, chocolate for a cocktail must be taken at least 70%, milk chocolate does not give such a rich taste as black. It is better to use ripe bananas for a cocktail, you can even overripe, they are more aromatic and sweet.

Hot Banana Cocktail Ingredients

Hot Banana Cocktail Recipe

Prepared cocktail products

For a Mexican recipe for hot banana cocktail , chop the banana finely and pour over the milk. Break the chocolate and add to the milk and banana.

Warming up a banana shake

Put the cocktail on medium heat and, stirring occasionally, bring to a boil.

Blender cocktail

When the chocolate is completely dissolved, turn off the heat and beat the banana shake in a food processor until frothy. Ready banana cocktail pour into prepared glasses or mugs, sprinkle with ground cinnamon and serve hot.

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