Flatbread with meat

Flatbread with meat (kubdari) – recipe with photo, Georgian cuisine
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Cooking time: 2 h

Difficulty: Medium recipe

Recipe yield: 5 pcs

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Flatbread with meat (kubdari) – recipe for cooking Georgian cuisine, the flatbread is baked in the oven - accordingly, there is no excess fat.

Meat flatbread (kubdari) ingredients

Meat flatbread (kubdari) recipe

Yeast dough for flat cakes

To cook a recipe for Georgian cuisine cakes with meat, add yeast, salt, sugar to the sifted flour, pour in warm milk, vegetable oil and 20 g of softened butter. Knead the dough, cover with plastic wrap and heat for 40 minutes.

Yeast dough balls

Once the dough is right, divide it into five pieces. Roll out the dough 5 mm thick, make several punctures in a circle so that the air comes out.

Filling for tortillas

Pass the pork through a meat grinder with garlic and onions, add utskho-suneli to the minced meat, finely chopped chili pepper, chopped greens, salt and mix.

Ball of minced meat on the dough

Put 200 g of minced meat in the center of each flatbread, pinch, sprinkle lightly with flour and roll out to a thickness of 8-10 mm.

Flatbread with meat

Pierce the cakes again with skewers around the perimeter. Bake the cakes in an oven preheated to 250 degrees for 20 minutes. Brush kubdari with melted butter before serving.

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