Easter Chicken Soup

Easter chicken soup – recipe with photo, Bulgarian cuisine
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Cooking time: 1 h 30 minutes

Difficulty: Medium recipe

Recipe yield: 6 servings

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Easter chicken soup – a Bulgarian cuisine recipe, light and at the same time hearty soup prepared from chicken giblets. Chicken offal may include liver, heart and stomachs. In order for the offal to be cooked equally, the stomachs are first boiled, then the hearts are added, and already 15-20 minutes before the soup is ready, the liver is added.

Easter chicken soup ingredients

Easter chicken soup recipe

Chicken offal

To cook the Easter chicken soup rinse the giblets well, if you need to clean the stomachs, cut off the fat from the hearts and remove the film. Pour cold water into the pan, add offal and put on fire.

Offal in broth

If you take offal in the assortment, first of all boil the stomachs, then add the hearts, and then the liver.

Add rice to broth

Pour washed rice for giblets and cook until cooked. For 1-2 minutes, add finely chopped parsley, salt and ground pepper into the soup.

Add egg mixture to chicken soup

Ready chicken soup remove from heat, squeeze juice out of lemon. Beat eggs lightly with lemon juice and pour in the prepared soup. This is done in order to thicken slightly chicken soup.

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