Dushbara – recipe with photo, Azerbaijani cuisine
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Cooking time: 1 h

Difficulty: Medium recipe

Recipe yield: 3 l

Azerbaijani Food Recipes

Dushbara – national dish of Azerbaijani cuisine. Dushbara is an Azerbaijani soup with dumplings.

Dushbara Ingredients

Dushbara Recipe


For dushbara recipe, cook broth from lamb bones. Twist the pulp in a meat grinder with onions, add salt, pepper and mix.


Knead a stiff dough from flour, eggs and water. Roll out the prepared dough to a thickness of 1 mm and cut into small squares. Put a little minced meat in the center of each square and wrap it in the form of dumplings.


Strain the bone broth and cook prepared dumplings in it. dushbara is served hot, sprinkled with chopped herbs and a small piece of butter. Wine vinegar is served separately.

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