Dessert recipes

The desserts section contains sweet dishes from around the world, dessert recipes from various national cuisines of all countries, as well-known dessert recipes – panna cotta, sabayon, chocolate mousse or quince dessert, and many less famous, but no less delicious desserts according to recipes from different countries.

Curd Dessert with Oatmeal – recipe with photo, dessert

Curd Dessert with Oatmeal

Kefir Dessert – recipe with photo, German cuisine

Kefir Dessert

"Cold Dog" cake - recipe with photo, German cuisine

"Cold Dog" cake

Semolina dessert with chocolate – recipe with photo, Turkish cuisine

Semolina dessert with chocolate

Millet cutlets – recipe with photo, Soviet cuisine

Millet cutlets

Pancakes with marmalade – recipe with photo, Bulgarian cuisine

Pancakes with marmalade

Christmas pudding – recipe with photo, British cuisine

Christmas Pudding

Red wine poached pears – recipe with photo, French cuisine

Red Wine Poached Pears

Peaches in red wine jelly – recipe with photo, Italian cuisine

Peaches in Red Wine Jelly

Blackcurrant and kefir sorbet – recipe with photo, dessert

Blackcurrant and Kefir Sorbet

Marshmallow – recipe with photo, American cuisine


Mousse with white chocolate and strawberries – recipe with photo, French cuisine

Mousse with White Chocolate and Strawberries