Canned Vegetable Salad

Canned Vegetable Salad – recipe with photo, Moldavian cuisine
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Cooking time: 1 h 30 minutes

Difficulty: Simple recipe

Recipe yield: 5 l

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Canned Vegetable Salad – recipe for cooking Moldovan cuisine, this recipe is designed for 10 half-liter cans. Vegetable salad for the winter is prepared very quickly. Before eating, canned vegetable salad is best placed in the refrigerator for cooling, and then transferred to a salad bowl and served as a side dish for the main dish. You can also sprinkle canned salad with fresh chopped herbs before serving.

Canned Vegetable Salad Ingredients

Canned Vegetable Salad Recipe


For a recipe for Moldovan cuisine, canned vegetable salad wash the bell peppers, cut off the stalk, remove the seeds and rinse with water.


Wash all vegetables for canned salad and cut into strips, sprinkle with pepper, salt and mix.


Wash, sterilize half-liter jars and put prepared vegetables for canned salad in them.


Add a teaspoon of vinegar, sugar and vegetable oil to each jar of salad. Cover and place jars with canned salad of vegetables sterilized in a bowl with water for 7-8 minutes.


After sterilization, roll up cans of canned salad with tin lids, turn the lid down, wrap and set aside for cooling, and then put it in the pantry for storage.

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