Blackcurrant and Kefir Sorbet

Blackcurrant and kefir sorbet – recipe with photo, dessert
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Cooking time: 1 h 30 minutes

Difficulty: Medium recipe

Recipe yield: 1 kg

Recipe author: Kashewar

Blackcurrant and kefir sorbet – a recipe for cooking a dessert from black currant, kefir, egg white and sugar. Sorbet can be cooked from any fruit and fruit juice with sugar syrup or sugar, whipped with egg white and kefir. Fruits are best taken lightly frozen so that the sorbet immediately becomes dense. Also, for density, sugar can be replaced with powdered sugar. Sorbet can be served as an independent dish (dessert), or you can put it in a mixer, add milk, whip and you get a wonderful cocktail.

Blackcurrant and kefir sorbet ingredients

Blackcurrant and kefir sorbet recipe

Frozen black currant

The blackcurrant and kefir sorbet recipe is very simple and easy to cook. Sort out the currants, wash and place in the freezer for freezing. If there is frozen blackcurrant, it is also good, you can use it too. Transfer the frozen currants to a blender and grind to a state of puree with powdered sugar and kefir.

Whipped egg whites

In a separate bowl, beat the whites into a fluffy white foam.

Black currant and egg whites

Mix currant puree, kefir and powdered sugar with whipped egg whites and mix gently.

Blackcurrant sorbet before freezing

Transfer the prepared sorbet to a container, in which it will be easy to beat and place in the freezer. Every 30 minutes, remove the sorbet from the freezer and beat with a mixer. Beat the sorbet 3-4 times.

Blackcurrant sorbet

Ready blackcurrant sorbet put into a glass or other dish using a spoon, you can decorate with leaves mint, can be sprinkled with flakes on top. Or you can make a sorbet and milk cocktail by transferring everything to a blender and whipping.

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