Ombalo – recipe ingredient

Ombalo is a type of mint. Its second name is flea mint, which it received due to the fact that the essential oils contained in it serve as a natural repellent that repels fleas, lice, mosquitoes and other unpleasant insects. Ombalo in Turkmen cuisine is used to give a pleasant minty flavor and smell to lamb dishes; in Armenia, this spice is laid in brines for making cheeses. Dry shredded leaves of flea mint include hops-suneli in the famous Georgian seasoning, and are used in the preparation of meat dishes and lobio. And without adding this spice, beloved Georgians, and not only them, tkemali sauce are inconceivable. In addition to giving a gentle cooling taste and aroma, the addition of ombalo prevents the fermentation of the sauce during cooking.

Recipes that use ombalo