Blueberries – recipe ingredient

Blueberries - undersized shrubs, berries and leaves are used in medicine. In the alpine regions, blueberries are grown as an ornamental bush. Blueberries are used in food and for the preparation of liquors, jelly, preserves, pies. They are also stored frozen. In many places, picking berries brings significant income to the population. There are few fruit acids in blueberries. But they have a lot of A and B vitamins, manganese, fiber and flavonoids. Berries are a good source of vitamin C, magnesium and calcium. Blueberry coloring matter is a pH indicator and, when acidity decreases, changes color to blue. Blueberries are used as a purple vegetable dye, for example, for branding meat. Berry juice in different dressings dyes wool and canvas in purple and red.

Recipes that use blueberries