Salad Recipes

In the salads section you can find a wide variety of salad recipes from different parts of the world, from different national cuisines, there are widely known and popular salads here – soviet herring under a fur coat, Greek salad, Jewish vinaigrette and German Bavarian salad, and also exotic and lesser-known salad recipes.

Nowruz Salad – recipe with photo, Uzbek cuisine

Nowruz Salad

Greek salad – recipe with photo, Greek cuisine

Greek Salad

Soroca salad – recipe with photo, Moldavian cuisine

Soroca Salad

Potato salad with salted cucumbers – recipe with photo, Bulgarian cuisine

Potato Salad with Salted Cucumbers

Mimosa salad – recipe with photo, soviet cuisine

Mimosa salad

Soviet Olivier salad – recipe with photos, Soviet cuisine

Soviet Olivier Salad